Online Personal Training


Want to me to help you achieve your goals but cant get to South West London to meet with me?

Well that used to be a problem but not anymore. Since 2016 I have been offering eight week personal training via Skype or over the phone so you can literally train with me anywhere in the world.

On accepting to take me on as an Online PT, you’ll receive my consultation form to fill out and return before spending an initial 30 minute consultation to get you motivated and taking the first steps to a new you.

Then once a week, we’ll chat for 20 mins at a convenient time to check up on your plan, exercises, nutrition and motivation to guide you to keep moving forward.

Accountability is one benefit of having a personal trainer and with this method there is no distraction as we are face to face and can really tackle the job in hand be that dropping a dress size, flattening your belly or completing the epic “Coast to Coast” race pictured above.

Please message me asap to start your £200, eight week online training package now…


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